AI Act approved by the EU Parliament

Approval of AI Act: On Wednesday, 13th of March, The European Parliament approved the AI Act, marking a significant milestone in establishing comprehensive regulations for artificial intelligence. With 523 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voting in favor of the legislation, 46 opposing, and 49 abstaining, the AI Act has received widespread support. Risk-Based Approach: [...]

Understanding Cookie Consent Requirements

Recently, online privacy has become a hot topic, due to the strict regulations regarding the use of cookies on websites and enforcement actions from Supervisory Authorities. Let's break down the essentials of cookie consent requirements, why they matter, and what they mean for your organisation. When considering data privacy laws and privacy regulations, cookies are [...]

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Can Your Organisation Use AI to Recruit Employees?

Rapid and unprecedented developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology reshaping industries and revolutionizing traditional business practices. Consequently, the integration and implementation of AI systems into organizations has become a strategic imperative for business. The future AI Act creates a regulatory framework for various sectors, including the critical topic of recruitment. Recruitment under the AI [...]

Decoding DPO Necessity: Is Your Organization on the List?

In the dynamic realm of data protection, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) emphasised on the pivotal role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO). While smaller businesses may not require a full-time DPO, understanding the conditions for a mandatory appointment is crucial. Requirement for the DPO: the processing is carried out by a public authority [...]

Electric Ireland Data Breach: What You Need to Know

​​ Recently Electric Ireland reported that an employee from a contracted company have improperly accessed thousands of customer accounts, potentially putting into risk their personal and financial information. While Electric Ireland assures that only a small fraction of its vast customer base has been affected, the potential misuse of personal and financial data is a [...]