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A platform that covers investigation, notification analysis, dashboards, and incident response summary

A data breach is a security incident that can result in a breach of confidentiality, availability, or integrity, and Article 33 of GDPR establishes the obligation to report within a maximum of 72 hours after the knowledge of the data breach to the competent supervisory authority, and if the breach poses a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the affected persons, they need to be informed as well.

Timely response and efficient reporting are key parameters when a security-related breach happens. Order of incident response and breach notification protocols are essential parts of these guidelines or policies.

Failing to comply with the obligations of notification and communication to data subjects is considered an infringement, resulting in fines, added to the reputational costs.

Symmetry’s all-in-one Privacy rights management tool can be used for both, Data subjects (Individuals or customers whose data is being processed) and Data controllers (the businesses/organizations).

CPU showing a security data breachCPU showing a security data breach

Incident & Breach management with Symmetry

  • With our platform, you will be able to cover:
    • Incident Notification
    • Incident Investigation
    • Personal Data Breach Conclusion
    • Incident Response Summary
    • Linked Actions
    • Linked Risks
    • Linked Engagements
    • Linked Controls
    • Linked Assessments
  • With our platform, you will also have access to our incident & breach KPIs dashboards.
  • Access our Personal Data breach regulator notification
  • Assign actions and engagements to different team members


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