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Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Sanctions, and Fraud Services:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML), sanctions, and fraud regulations dictate a paramount necessity in today’s rigorous regulatory landscape. The adherence to international standards mandated by entities such as the Central Bank of Ireland is indispensable. Our specialized compliance team holds extensive expertise in mitigating risks prevalent in the banking and fund sectors through the implementation of robust AML, sanctions, and fraud solutions.

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  • AML Framework Design:

    Designing a structured approach for your business to comply with the AML obligations. This typically includes the design and development of AML governance structures, policies and operational procedures. Once the framework design is complete, it needs to be implemented and integrated into business-as-usual operations.

  • AML Framework Review:

    If you have an established framework in place, we can perform an independent review and provide recommendations on enhancements

  • Policy Development:

    AML policies are key to evidencing your company’s compliance framework. Our experts will work with you to develop policies suited to your business requirements.

  • Controls and Testing:

    The establishment of an effective annual testing programme is critical to ensuring your framework is aligned fully to existing obligations and expectations. Our experts will help you to design and implement an effective testing programme.

  • Governance and Reporting:

    The design and implementation of robust AML governance structures is a key regulatory expectation. Our consultants will assist you in documenting the key AML roles & responsibilities. We will also assist in designing your AML reporting suite.

  • Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) Support:

    Symmetry provides direct MLRO support when your firm is in transition or has short term vacancies

  • AML Training, Sanctions Training, Fraud Training:

    We can produce and deliver AML, Sanctions and Fraud training programmes tailored to your business and obligations

  • Monitoring and Managing AML Regulatory Change:

    As regulations change our experts will help you to amend and update your framework, policies and procedures

  • AML Special Projects:

    The AML operating environment often generates unexpected resource-intensive project work. Our team of professionals can mobilise quickly to help you manage the following challenges:

    • the detailed assessment and implementation of a new law or directive
    • an unexpected remediation exercise
    • preparing for / responding to a regulatory on-site inspection
    • the take-on of new business requiring urgent AML review

Our team can provide expertise and additional capacity to help you manage these projects effectively.


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