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Simplify your entire DSAR fulfillment process from request intake, deletion, redaction, and secure response with Symmetry. 

Data subject requests can be used from data subjects to exercise certain rights they have under GDPR, such as access, erasure, or restriction of the processing.  

DSRs are fundamental for organizations, as they must respond to them in clear and plain language, enforced by a specific timeline.  

Responding to them in an appropriate way can be really challenging for any organization, especially when dealing with a large customer base.  

Similarly, when there is any international organization or third-party involved in the data process.   

Symmetry’s all-in-one Privacy rights management tool can be used for both, Data subjects (Individuals or customers whose data is being processed) and Data controllers (the businesses/organizations).  

Implement a fast response process for the DSR  response to mitigate risks and avoid fines while demonstrating compliance. 

DSAR with Symmetry Platform

  • With our platform, you will be able to cover:
    • Data Subject Request By Due Date
    • Data Subject Request By Status
    • Actions Due
  • With Symmetry´s platform, you will also have access to our DSR KPIs dashboards.
  • With Symmetry, you can create workflows to automate reminders and make sure you do not miss a deadline


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