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Virtual Data Protection Officer / External Data Protection Officer

GDPR introduces the mandatory appointment of Data Protection Officers (DPO) for organisations that store and process significant amounts of EU citizens’ personal data. Most small-to medium-sized businesses across Europe are unlikely to require the services of a DPO on a full-time basis.

Symmetry offer an outsourced data protection officer(Virtual DPO) to our customers as a cost effective and flexible alternative to hiring a Data Protection Officer on a full-time basis. Subscribers to our Virtual DPO service have access to a remote Data Protection Officer who will deal with any GDPR compliance and regulatory queries. Our Virtual Data Protection Officer will be responsible for continuous compliance and ensure that your company obtains the highest possible level of up-to-the-minute expertise.

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Virtual Data Protection Officers services

Our certified virtual data protection officer team can perform all the required DPO tasks in GDPR regulations including:

  • Inform and advise your organisation and its staff of their GDPR obligations
  • Monitor your organisation compliance with the GDPR and with your own data protection policies and procedures. This includes monitoring of audits, training, staff-awareness and the assignment of data protection responsibilities;
  • Advise on and monitor high risk processing and the related data protection impact assessment (“DPIA”) obligations under the GDPR;
  • Cooperate with the Data Protection Commission (“DPC”);
  • Act as your organisation’s point of contact with the DPC on all data protection matters including reporting and consultation on data breaches and DPIAs; and
  • Monitor your data protection risks.


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