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Need help with ISO 27701 certification? You have come to the right place!

In August 2019, SAI Global published ISO/IEC 27701 as an extension to ISO/IEC 27701 and ISO/IEC 27002. The ISO/IEC 27001 is a new standard for privacy management within an organisation. It details specific requirements and guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS).

At Symmetry Compliance, we can help you at every step of your ISO 27701 certification journey.

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Understanding ISO 27701 requirements

  • ISO 27701 PIMS requirements for PII controllers and PII processors: ISO 27701 details distinct sets of requirements where your organisation is a PII/data controller and/or a PII/data processor. We will help you understand your organisation’s PII role and what ISO 27701 requirements are relevant.
  • ISO 27701 and existing ISO standards: ISO 27701 is an extension of ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 and also shares a number of common requirements of other ISO standards including ISO 29100, 27018, ISO 29151 and more. We will help you understand the similarities and help you harness and refine your existing ISO certifications to make the ISO 27701 journey easier and more beneficial.
  • ISO 27701 and GDPR: ISO 27701 provides a robust framework to assist with GDPR compliance. We can explain how ISO 27701 can help your organisation’s GDPR compliance.
  • ISO 27701 training: ISO 27701 training courses for all types of personnel within your organisation. We have a range of ISO 27701 learning solutions available, including on premise presentations, workshops, gamification and online e-learning and assessments through our own Symmetry Learning Management System software.

Achieving ISO 27701 certification

We provide professional guidance and software solutions to get your organisation ready for the ISO 27701 audit, including:

  • Developing your Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) in line with ISO 27701 requirements. Professional consultancy and software solutions to develop your entire IS 27701 PIMS, including policies, procedures, manuals, audit checkists, etc.
  • Implementing your ISO 27701 PIMS: Guidance at every step of the way to ensure that your PIMS is being implemented across your organisation.
  • ISO 27701 audits: We conduct thorough ISO 27701 compliance audits to highlight any gaps in compliance and provide clear guidance on all remedial actions.
  • ISO 27701 certification bodies – representation and management: We can assist at every step of the ISO 27701 certification process, from advising on the most appropriate certification body, applying for certification, representing your organisation and/or managing the certification process.

Maintaining ISO 27701 certification

We offer a range of professional and software services to ensure that your PIMS is being maintained to ISO 27701 certification standards. These services include:

  • PIMS audits and audit reports
  • PIMS remedial actions and enhancements
  • Specific privacy control testing
  • ISO 27701 Training
  • Third party / supplier audits and due diligence
  • 24/7 support for our Symmetry Information Management System software

ISO 27701 software

Our Symmetry Information Management software has been specifically tailored to be a best in class data and information management and compliance software, providing your business with the tools needed to establish and maintain a robust Privacy Information Management System and to achieve and evidence compliance with information and data laws (e.g. GDPR) and standards (e.g. ISO 27701).

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