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Regulated Market Entry and Compliance Impact Assessment Services

Navigating the regulated market entry requires thorough understanding and compliance with the Central Bank of Ireland’s (CBI) requirements. Symmetry offers specialized support and impact assessments to help organizations achieve regulatory authorization successfully.

Regulated Market Entry

I. Regulated Market Entry Support

  1. Authorization Requirements: Gain clarity on the CBI’s specific requirements and expectations for regulatory authorization.
  2. Information Compilation: Assist in organizing the necessary detailed information and documentation for the authorization process.

II. Regulated Market Entry Compliance Impact Assessment

  1. Current Operating Model Evaluation: Analyze your organization’s compliance and regulatory obligations within the current operating model.
  2. Key Focus Areas: a. Governance Arrangements: Evaluate board and committee structures for compliance with regulatory standards.

a. Compliance Advisory Function:

Assess the effectiveness of compliance advisory functions in providing guidance and support.

b. Policy and Procedure Framework:

Review and enhance policy and procedure frameworks to meet regulatory requirements.

c. Regulatory Change Analysis:

Stay updated with regulatory changes and assess their impact on your organization.

d. Compliance Risk Assessment and Monitoring Framework:

Develop proactive compliance risk assessment and monitoring systems.

e. Issue Management and Resolution:

Establish structured approaches for managing compliance issues.

f. Compliance Reporting:

Enhance compliance reporting capabilities to meet regulatory obligations.

III. Customized Framework Development

  1. Interpretation and Recommendations: Work together to interpret findings and receive tailored recommendations.
  2. Framework Implementation: Collaborate with our experts to implement the appropriate framework aligned with regulatory requirements.

Symmetry provides comprehensive support for regulatory and compliance impact assessments. Our expertise ensures compliance with CBI requirements, empowering your organization with a robust compliance foundation. Contact us today for a successful journey towards regulatory compliance.


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