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Third Party

Automate third-party assessments to simplify compliance, reduce security risks, and improve efficiency

Under the GDPR, the third party means a natural or legal person, public authority, agency, or body other than the data subject, controller processor, and persons who, under the direct authority of the controller or processor, are authorized to process personal data.

Organizations must conduct third-party risk assessments to identify possible threats to privacy and data protection and to ensure that these third parties are in compliance with privacy regulations, which helps them in the task of identifying risks, preventing unlawful activities, and avoiding fines and loss of reputation.

Symmetry offers you an independent Third-Party module that lets you handle details of Third Parties you are associated with from a central place. It also includes the Risk assessment along with each Third-party record and determines the potential risk of sharing data with a particular Third-Party.

Through this module, you can check Third-party involved in a particular business activity falls under what category and type. Also, it shows what agreement you are having with them, while helping you determine what kind of data can be shared with Third-Party and the type of operations they can perform on the shared data, being a one-stop spot from where you can identify and understand the third parties involved in your business.

Vendor risk management with Symmetry

  • With our platform, you will be able to:
    • Add Vendors
    • Link ROPAs
    • Link PIAs
    • Link Actions
    • Link Risks
    • Link Controls
    • Link Assessments
    • Link engagements
  • With Symmetry´s platform, you will also have access to our Vendor Risk Management dashboards.


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