Use Symmetry data mapping platform to streamline and simplify the ROPA 


Article 30 GDPR states that a controller must maintain a record of processing activities under its responsibility, including all categories of processing activities. ROPA is an inevitable process under GDPR for any kind of organization, whether it is large or small in size, If they are operating/processing Sensitive/Personal information of the data subject. 

The ROPA will provide your organization with an overview of all processing activities, allowing you to have a better understanding of what data is being processed, the categories, the purposes of the processing, and much more.  

Symmetry comes with an automated tool to register and manage ROPA in a hassle-free manner. You can determine your enterprise role in a particular activity – whether it is a processor or controller.  

Using this module you can define the type of individuals affected in a particular activity and its impacts on them, the category of Personal and Sensitive data, Purpose and legal basis of processing information under that activity.  

 Similarly, you can manage how the data is collected and stored, how long it would require to retain the data, details on information sharing, Data sharing with third-party(ies), etc.   

ROPA with Symmetry Platform

  • With our platform, you will receive guidance on a recommended list of the most common processing activities. 
  • Manage a record of processing activities that is easy to update with. 
  • Update a record of processing activities that with one click it is ready in a report. 
  • Automated processing activities reports that can be used for submission to authorities and other internal stakeholders. 
  • Assign completion by different team members 


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