The Risk module allows you to register and keep track of possible threats to your business process.

It can be linked with the other modules Symmetry offers like DPIA, ROPA, DSR, Third-party, etc. Thus, the module becomes a centralized module. This module helps in identifying, managing, and preventing possible risks to various business activities.


From Symmetry’s Risk management module, you can identify and manage its Category, Type, Possible Threat to it, Source of it, and Control notes to mitigate the Risk. In order to mitigate the risk or to reduce its level, organizations may have to perform one or series of Actions. We allow you to associate Action(s) to a Risk(s). Hence, it becomes an easier process for the organization to keep track of everything from one single place.  
The System automatically calculates the possible Risk-Levels. This calculation is based on the Severity and Likelihood parameters set in the system for a particular Activity. In addition, we allow Organizations to set various parameters of Severity and Likelihood from the Settings area of the module.

In conclusion, the system is developed to meet the diverse requirements of different organizations. It suits organizations dealing in different industries and operating in different countries.


  • This centralised module allows linking to other Privacy modules and keeps the platform integrated and transparent.

  • Dynamic Score parameter management and calculation make it flexible for use.

  • Risk’s Category and Type can be defined dynamically by Organization’s Administrative authorities to personalize it as per business requirements.

  • Association of Tasks (in a form of Actions) with Risks is adding clarity and a brisk approach to the workspace.  

  • Our System and UI are simple to use hence there is no requirement for extra training to use.