Action is part of the day-to-day activities of any organization. If we break down the daily activities and work into tasks then all the tasks are nothing but a series of actions. It could be independent or it could be part of some other process. Symmetry’s Action module is built following a similar concept. 

In most business activities multiple people are involved, they could be from different departments and different hierarchies. Complete a single activity may require involving and assigning different tasks to different people. This module comes in place to execute these processes smoothly and professionally. In conclusion, it is one of the core modules in the Symmetry system.


This module is a centralized module that connects with all the other modules of the system. Therefore, Actions can be associated/linked with any Case or Activity of Privacy modules like Risk , ROPA, etc. Actions dashboard highlights its Due date, AssigneeType, Status, and Priority. 


  • This centralised module keeps other modules of the platform Integrated and Transparent.

  • We provide personalised and flexible experience by allowing Admins to manage Action Category and Action Type from settings.

  • Association of Tasks (in a form of Actions) with other independent modules is adding clarity in workspace and speed-up the process

  • We encourage everyone to use the platform by keeping Minimal data fields and User-freindly UI.

  • When you are dealing with a lot, features like Search and Print all/selective data from the system makes life easier.